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Leeds Festival 2018

Leeds Festival attendee
Firstly I would like to say what an amazing team you all are and what a privilege it has been to meet you all. My partner Ryan, bought me the tickets to Sunday at Leeds Festival as a birthday surprise (April). I loved music and Panic at the Disco are one of my favorite bands (have been since age 17). Ryan booked the tickets as my hearing is dropping considerably and rapidly. knowing that one day I won't be able to listen/hear the music I have grown up with and love so much is one of the main reasons Ryan bought me the ticket ( see panic at the disco, papa roach, sum 41, deaf havan) while I can still kind of hear them. Since April I have become more and more stressed about coming to the festival and not be able to fully enjoy it. on the way to the festival, I was so upset and nervous about, what it was going to be like, will i be able to hear, it outdoor so sound is lost, where can I position myself so I can see and hear best, the list is endless... ( I have never been to a festival before) I didn't know that BSL performance interpretation was something that could be accessed until I saw your tent! All the team was so friendly and welcoming. You all went above and beyond to explain what Performance interpretation is and how it works and how it can help me enjoy the festival to its full potential. Arranging the access tickets, WOW! Seein the performance of panic at the disco, with interpretation was (heartwarming, I nearly cried) for the first time in about 10 years I could watch a band I loved and understand the lyrics and fully enjoy the performance. the interpretation made it feel so real like I could really understand the music, the lyrics, and the atmosphere. The energy the performance interpreter's had was electric. The team: Since being told I was deaf (12 years ago) and starting learning BSL and deaf culture, and not really feeling like I fitted into the hearing world or Deaf world. I felt comfortable and you all made me feel welcome and I felt that I was part of the group. I felt like I finally belonged, not in one world but both, That I can't thank you enough for. Thank you all. Your team has made me feel like I can enjoy music again and not be worried or think I can't go or do that. Please thank the rest of your team for making what has been one of the best music events I have ever been to possible, because of the work you do. Thank you all very much

Camp Bestival 2018

Festival goer - Robert MacDonald
Back in the office today and recovering from yet another epic weekend at Camp Bestival! The Performance Interpreting team truly broke down the barriers and made it a fully accessible event for us, I wanted to write and pass on my thanks. I was not familiar with Rick Astley's work but went to watch the interpreting anyway and it was brilliant, a performance form in its own right ? And the interpreting across the board, covering science shows, Q&A sessions, even record breaking attempts- everyone did brilliantly. Well done to the team- a fab weekend. If there is anyone I can write to at Camp Bestival to drive home the message that this interpreting is invaluable and very much appreciated, do let me know as I understand there was a bit of a fight to get the interpreting this year. Thanks again.

Victorious Festival 2018

Festival goer - Lee Green
I want to write to say thank you to the organisers of Victorious Festival for allowing Interpreter to be at the festival. It had made my whole experience on a whole much better and I had an amazing time over the course of the two days there. Please Victorious Festival promote that you provide Interpreter at the festival so that other deaf people out are aware that you have our support. Me and my girlfriend would like to say thank you to the wonderful group of Interpreter that came to the festival for Saturday and battling against rain, wind, the cold on Sunday just to make my experience worth while. Thank you ever so much once again.

Queen Tribute Band

Audience member - Debbie Arnaud - Queen Tribute Band, The Grove Theatre, 21.04.2018
I want to tell you all how much we enjoyed having Clare Edwards as our interpreter for the Queen tribute band last Saturday - she was AMAZING! so easy to follow and I even signed with her most of the time! She even got to the theatre early to liaise with the band and sorting out a stage spot which was perfect for us Such a brilliant evening and we enjoyed it so much - some hearing people from the audience even commented how great she was!! So a big thank you to Clare!!

Download Festival 2018

Festival goer - Natasha Mansley
Just wanted to say what an epic performances at Download Festival. This was my fourth visit to this festival and I actually said to my partner that I can't be the only deaf person here. So not only did you guys provide great BSL services to these amazing songs, but bring deaf people together to form new friendship! I felt like I could really enjoy the festival in its full capacity. :) Rock on

Latitude Festival 2018

Festival goer - William Ogden
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Performance Interpreting for an accessible weekend at Latitude Festival. Out of all the many times I've been to Latitude, this year has been excellent, thanks to their work. I never thought I would understand and laugh along to a comedian called Alan Davies live. Keep up the excellent work and I am looking forward to what the future will bring. Once again, thank you!

Gorrilaz – The O2 Arena

Audience member - Hayley McW - The Gorrilaz O2 Arena 05.12.2017
"Want to say thank you to Katie and Vicky for interpreting Gorillaz, so grateful for their service in providing access I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did without them, it's a new experience after having attended a few festivals and concerts etc in the past where I had no access. Amazing interpreting and a great night!"

Steps – The O2 arena

Audience member - Jaylea Atkins - Steps - The O2 24.11.2017
"I would like to thank maria for interpreting steps at the 02 for us recently. Not only is she an amazing interpreter but her genuine passion for what she does and the people she interprets for ,really is inspiring!. Maria was passionate about ensuring that the deaf people attending got the best access possible. On behalf of us and every other deaf person who attended steps at the 02 thankyou for being so amazing ❤. Highly recommended"

ADELE Comments – The O2 Arena

Adele Comments - Adele Concert 22.03.16
“Everybody, can you see where those lights are? Can you see that woman? She is a sign language interpreter. Every time I watch her, she moves me. I hope I'm singing well for you to interpret” - Adele. March 2016.


Mark Butler- Head of Venue Operations Roundhouse
The service provided by Performance Interpreting was exemplary. This was our first Interpreted music act and so it was new ground for us and the artist's management. Marie guided us through the process and even managed to secure a few ticket sales from the BSL audience. Working in this industry can often require flexibility and patience, both these qualities were afforded to us on many occasions which resulted in a successful inclusive event.

Performance Interpreting

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