Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here, so feel free to send us a message if you do not find what you are looking for.
I want to book an interpreter for an event, how do I do this?
The first place you should look is at the website for the event. Check if they have an accessibility page and contact email address or number where you can request an interpreter. Contact them and explain that you are Deaf and you would like to book an interpreter for the event. You can copy in Performance Interpreting in this email if you would like – [email protected]

In this email, please also state if you have any additional needs – e.g. whether you are a wheelchair user etc.
I cannot find an accessibility contact for the venue – what do I do next?
You can email Performance Interpreting – [email protected] and we can try and make contact on your behalf. Please email us with – the details of the event, date, venue etc and details of the tickets that you have booked.
I have contacted the venue, but they have said they cannot provide an interpreter. What should I do?
Email the venue, and remind them of their duty to make reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act. Please copy Performance Interpreting in on this email – [email protected]
Where do I book my tickets?
Please be careful when buying tickets from third-party websites such as Viagogo and Getmein. Many venues and promotors are cracking down and will no longer accept tickets that are not bought from the official ticket site. Please check the official website before booking. If you have purchased tickets from third-party websites, then venues and promotors may be unwilling to book interpreters as they have not been booked through the official channels. Some concert goers have been turned away, or have had to purchase extra tickets on the day of the event due to buying from these sites.
Please check before you buy!!!
How far in advance should I contact the venue to book an interpreter?
It is important you give us as much notice as possible to arrange an interpreter. If you have tickets for/wish to attend a music festival, Performance Interpreting ideally need AT LEAST 3 months notice to source interpreters. If you have tickets for/wish to attend a particular venue, then Performance Interpreting ideally need AT LEAST 28 days notice to arrange this.
How will I know if an interpreter has been booked?
You should receive a confirmation from the venue or the promoter that they have booked an interpreter for the event. This should include details regarding what to do on arrival. Please note that the seats you have booked may need to be changed in order to ensure that you have access to the interpreter – the email should confirm whether this is the case.
What qualifications do the interpreters from Performance Interpreting have ?
Performance Interpreters only use fully qualified interpreters who are registered with the NRCPD or RBSLI. Our interpreters are expected to carry their ID badge with them at all times. In addition, we try to use interpreters who have experience and skills in performance work.
How do Performance Interpreters prepare for an event?
Interpreting for any live music or performance event takes many hours of interpreting preparation. Whilst Performance Interpreting makes every effort to get set lists from the artists in advance, access to these has historically been very difficult. This obviously limits the preparation that the interpreter can undertake beforehand.
Where will the interpreter be positioned?
This depends very much on the size of the venue or the festival. Performance Interpreting will work closely with the venue to ensure that the best interpreting position is achieved. In the past, interpreters have been placed on stage with the acts, on the disability platforms, in specific disability viewing areas, and on screens.
How are Perfomance Interpreters monitored?
Interpreters who work for Performance Interpreting have access to a mentoring programme, and to training courses that we are run by Perfomance Interpreting.
Where can I find out more?
For more information about Performance Interpreting please email us on [email protected]

Performance Interpreting

Award-winning specialists dedicated to providing professional British Sign Language (BSL) services to the UK's entertainment industry. Supplying skilled BSL interpreters for music, sports, and entertainment venues across the nation. Our distinguished services enrich the cultural landscape for Deaf individuals, empowering them to partake in a broad array of societal interactions within the entertainment realm.
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"Performance Interpreting are recognised for their role in opening doors to BSL access across the UK’s live music and entertainment industries. They ensure deaf customers have equitable access and the same magical experiences as everyone else. Performance Interpreting provide deaf performers, deaf and hearing interpreters, deaf access consultants and offer specialist training to ensure a high quality of skilled access provision."
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