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BSL Interpreted Event
To let us know that you're attending and would like to use the BSL service, please contact [email protected]
For line up and more information, please visit
In order to provide the best possible experience, we ask that everyone who wishes to use the Access facilities at a Festival Republic event complete and submit an Access Requirements Form prior to arriving on-site. Please do this if you have not been to a Festival Republic event before.
- Once you have purchased your standard ticket, you will have to complete and submit an Access Requirements Form.
- If you have previously attended a Festival Republic event and are already signed up, you will automatically receive this yearly notification.
July 25, 2024
Henham Park, Suffolk
Paula Cox, Lauren Lister, Paul Michaels, Adam Price, Paul Pryce-Jones, Lynn Taylor-Stewart, Tracey Tyer & Samantha VanterpooFrances Everingham
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Performance Interpreting

Award-winning specialists dedicated to providing professional British Sign Language (BSL) services to the UK's entertainment industry. Supplying skilled BSL interpreters for music, sports, and entertainment venues across the nation. Our distinguished services enrich the cultural landscape for Deaf individuals, empowering them to partake in a broad array of societal interactions within the entertainment realm.
Induction into Signature's
Hall Of Fame
"Performance Interpreting are recognised for their role in opening doors to BSL access across the UK’s live music and entertainment industries. They ensure deaf customers have equitable access and the same magical experiences as everyone else. Performance Interpreting provide deaf performers, deaf and hearing interpreters, deaf access consultants and offer specialist training to ensure a high quality of skilled access provision."
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