Deaf Awareness

Across the globe, approximately 70 million Deaf individuals communicate through the rich and diverse languages of sign. Each sign language, unique to its country, is a deep expression of cultural identity. In the UK, the recognition of British Sign Language (BSL) in 2003 marked a significant milestone, acknowledging the vibrant Deaf community and its language. Further progress was achieved with the BSL Act 2022, which reinforces the importance of BSL in public life and services.
Deaf awareness is about understanding these unique languages and cultures, ensuring access and equality, and celebrating the contributions of Deaf people. It’s a commitment to creating a world where Deaf individuals can thrive, with full participation in every aspect of society.

The BSL Act 2022

The British Sign Language (BSL) Act 2022 legally recognises BSL as a language in England, Wales, and Scotland, enhancing inclusion for the UK's Deaf community. The Act requires government departments to actively promote and facilitate BSL usage and establishes a BSL Council to advise on its integration into public services. This legislation, enacted in April 2022, is a milestone for equality and accessibility for BSL users​.

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The Equalities Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 is a law that stops unfair treatment and helps everyone have the same chances in life. It says that services must make sure Deaf people can use them just like everyone else. For example, they must provide BSL interpreters when needed. This is true for all services, big or small, and whether you have to pay or not. This law makes it clear that everyone should be treated fairly.

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Human Rights Act

The Human Rights Act protects important freedoms for everyone. It makes sure that all people can live their lives without being treated unfairly or badly. The law works to make sure that each person is respected and can feel safe and free in their daily life.

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Our journey towards full inclusion for Deaf people is ongoing, with many barriers yet to overcome. Every step you take to make your events accessible, such as providing BSL Interpreters, is a leap forward for equality. Such actions not only enhance the experience for Deaf attendees but also drive positive social change, paving the way towards a society where everyone is valued equally.

Performance Interpreting is at the forefront of this movement, working to eliminate barriers and promote a culture of inclusivity. Together, we can make a substantial and affirmative difference, contributing to a society that embraces all of its members.

Performance Interpreting

Award-winning specialists dedicated to providing professional British Sign Language (BSL) services to the UK's entertainment industry. Supplying skilled BSL interpreters for music, sports, and entertainment venues across the nation. Our distinguished services enrich the cultural landscape for Deaf individuals, empowering them to partake in a broad array of societal interactions within the entertainment realm.
Induction into Signature's
Hall Of Fame
"Performance Interpreting are recognised for their role in opening doors to BSL access across the UK’s live music and entertainment industries. They ensure deaf customers have equitable access and the same magical experiences as everyone else. Performance Interpreting provide deaf performers, deaf and hearing interpreters, deaf access consultants and offer specialist training to ensure a high quality of skilled access provision."
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