Gorrilaz – The O2 Arena

Audience member - Hayley McW - The Gorrilaz O2 Arena 05.12.2017

"Want to say thank you to Katie and Vicky for interpreting Gorillaz, so grateful for their service in providing access I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as I did without them, it's a new experience after having attended a few festivals and concerts etc in the past where I had no access. Amazing interpreting and a great night!"

Steps – The O2 arena

Audience member - Jaylea Atkins - Steps - The O2 24.11.2017

"I would like to thank maria for interpreting steps at the 02 for us recently. Not only is she an amazing interpreter but her genuine passion for what she does and the people she interprets for ,really is inspiring!. Maria was passionate about ensuring that the deaf people attending got the best access possible. On behalf of us and every other deaf person who attended steps at the 02 thankyou for being so amazing ❤. Highly recommended"

Download Festival

Audience member - Natasha Mansley - 8th-10th June 2018

"Just wanted to say what an epic performances at Download Festival. This was my fourth visit to this festival and I actually said to my partner that I can't be the only deaf person here. So not only did you guys provide great BSL services to these amazing songs, but bring deaf people together to form new friendship! I felt like I could really enjoy the festival in its full capacity. :) Rock on"

ADELE Comments – The O2 Arena

Adele Comments - Adele Concert 22.03.16

“Everybody, can you see where those lights are? Can you see that woman? She is a sign language interpreter. Every time I watch her, she moves me. I hope I'm singing well for you to interpret” - Adele. March 2016. .


Mark Butler- Head of Venue Operations Roundhouse

The service provided by Performance Interpreting was exemplary. This was our first Interpreted music act and so it was new ground for us and the artist's management. Marie guided us through the process and even managed to secure a few ticket sales from the BSL audience. Working in this industy can often require flexibility and patience, both these qualities were afforded to us on many occasions which resulted in a successful inclusive event.

ELLIE GOULDING concert – The O2 Arena

Audience Member - Phillip Freeman - Ellie Goulding O2 Concert 25.03.16

Last night at 02 see Ellie Goulding was fabulous, we really enjoyed ourselves thanks to performance interpreting organised put Sarah Hides to interpreter for us all, it best night ever have interpreter in concert feel full include with music and Sarah excellent in translate every songs make us understand what the song is about, well done Sarah xxx

ADELE – The O2 Arena

Audience Member - Mikhail Novak ADELE O2 Concert 22.03.16

I have been to many concerts so far but Adele's live show last night is very simply one of the best concert I have ever been too. Not just because its Adele (though she was super awesome) but because of Performance Interpreting. For the first time ever, I felt 100% included, making my whole experience a million times better. A massive thank you to Marie for interpreting for us. I am so so happy that this access is now made possible, what was already going to be a great night had been made so so incredible and I am forever grateful.

Festival Republic

Festival Republic had the pleasure of working with Marie and the team from Performance Interpreting at Reading and Leeds Festival. The professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm of the team was fantastic and we look forward to working with them at future events

The Bucks Herald Newspaper

Heather Jan Brunt 2015

For the first time at Chilfest a team of talented performance interpreters took to the stage with the bands and enthusiastically signed every single song for the benefit of the deaf community.

BSL Audience member Benjamin

Pride Brighton 2015

Pride was fabulous as I had complete access to what was being said through a bsl interpreter. I felt part of the community in the park and I definitely know my deaf friends did as well.

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